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Shenzhen Zhicheng Measurement & Control Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008, Shenzhen, is the automation and measurement and control equipment solutions provider. Since its inception, has been adhering to the "integrity is the foundation! Quality is guaranteed! Innovation is development! Cooperation is the core competitiveness!" The service concept, in order to reduce the production cost, realize the industrial production automation and information technology as the direction, close to the customer demand, continuous innovation, to build a new production business intelligence, information and modern equipment manufacturing!

Shenzhen Zhicheng Measurement & Control Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Guangdong province Shenzhen city Baoan District District manhole ho four Nanpu science and Technology Industrial Park, building 10, the company's main products: performance test, aging test, function test, life test, all kinds of industrial automation non-standard production line design and automatic programming and software development, precision components, instrumentation the design, manufacture, maintenance, sales and installation services.

Embrace innovation, power walking. Zhicheng precision to the pulse of the industry R & D team, continue to overcome difficulties, technological innovation into the automation and informatization construction, to constantly push the new automation industry provide a solid technical support!

Made in China 2025! In the cloud to move things in the Internet era, Zhicheng closely follow the national development, take the initiative to meet the industrial upgrading, by means of automation and information technology in the construction of intelligent means to subvert the traditional factory on the road, the depth of integration to promote mobile Internet, big data and other cutting-edge technology and automation equipment, factory automation and informatization construction and promote reform, implementation of data the factory production equipment interconnection sharing, provide real-time and accurate production data traceability, for factory management, for the great blueprint for the wisdom to build factories, industrial power construction adds a heavy color ink!

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Automotive electronics assembly, aging and testing
Integration of mechanical hand with other single machine system
Assembly and test of rail transit
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