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Long term commitment to provide customers with a single machine automation equipment, automated production lines, the overall solution of the smart factory, the robot application tools and fixtures and systems integration. Zhicheng business covers a number of areas, the main industry for household appliances, automotive electronics, rail transportation, medical, food and so on, according to the needs of different industries, the integration of motion control, image processing, laser marking, welding and measuring, manipulator and instrumentation with the development of the software system, to provide more competitive products and services for the customers.

There is wisdom, a good faith! In every Zhicheng people have a belief and strength, pulling we don't read in the past, not in the future to forge ahead, never yield in spite of reverses. We firmly believe that: to reduce production costs, the realization of industrial production automation and information technology, wisdom can do better!

We have been adhering to the "integrity is the foundation! Quality is guaranteed! Innovation is development! Cooperation is the core competitiveness!" In order to reduce production cost and realize the automation and informatization of industrial production, it is committed to build a new type of intelligent, information and modern equipment manufacturers.

Improve your productivity! Optimize your production process! Is our tireless pursuit!

2008, we start from scratch, has never stopped the pace of innovation and progress. We work hard in Shenzhen, the city of dreams and hope, with hard work and sweat, to promote the automation and testing equipment industry a great change. We hope that Chinese with their wisdom and technology, condensed into the development of strength, to create a stand in the automation and testing equipment industry of national brands!

A knowledgeable Dusing, honesty and self-discipline!

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Automotive electronics assembly, aging and testing
Integration of mechanical hand with other single machine system
Assembly and test of rail transit
Assembly, aging and testing of household electrical appliances
Logistics transportation and vertical distribution equipment
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