To: Dear customer
The project, such as the Division I undertake, I would like to make the following solemn commitment to the warranty service:
1, commitment warranty period
(1) the overall equipment warranty period is 12 months (except for man-made damage and vulnerable parts);
(2) our commitment in the quality warranty period of five years after the end of the tender to provide spare parts and special tools required to complete the number 50 percent off service;
(3) the date of the warranty period from the date of acceptance of the equipment;
(4) lifelong maintenance after the guarantee period.
2, after the acceptance of the equipment to provide a set of "equipment use and maintenance manual": the use of manual method on main equipment, matters needing attention, to ensure that the equipment can meet the system focuses on the analysis of the normal operation of the use of customer equipment in production. Provide equipment to use the training, equipment acceptance, after the transfer of the user training.
3, in order to more comprehensive service to users and meet the user's function and comfort, to ensure that customers enjoy the good service during the warranty period, the equipment before the handover, warranty card and instructions to customers, and provide technical training for the operation and maintenance management personnel and customers.
4, specialized organization of a capable regular training of the maintenance of professional team and the team's communication contact information for customers, so that at any time to inform. The maintenance team will provide adequate maintenance materials for the maintenance of the equipment in the warehouse, and can inform local suppliers of materials at any time.
5, the company's after-sales service contact: 13686822755 Zou Qichao.
6, where the quality of the warranty period, the quality of our company have to be free of maintenance. Maintenance team to provide 24 hours service, customers received notice of repair, small fault removed within 24 hours, 48 hours to remove large fault.
For customers in the service process, to do the "customer service site record form", especially for the quality problems found in the equipment maintenance, observation, analysis, find out the causes of quality problems, will convey the information to the relevant departments.
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