Assembly and test of rail transit

This equipment is Chinese Zhongche with input AC main vacuum circuit breaker automatic production line operation, based on the existing test platform has the function of offline, the degree of automation of the test items of the corresponding improvement and improve, reduce the online detection process human participation frequency.
Through the analysis of the function of the existing equipment, in which there are many people involved in the project have the following:
1, the lowest action voltage test;
2, minimum holding voltage test;
3, stroke displacement test;
4, action performance test. 

Test parameter requirement
Equipment characteristics:
1, the main cabinet using embedded online design, not occupying the space of production line
2, the display uses air suspension frame, can hover to any height angle, convenient operation personnel operation.
3, external sensors based on product features will be more than one feature set in one, greatly improve the detection accuracy and ease of use.

software interface

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